Every Man In His Humour


by Ben Jonson

This was a Royal Shakespeare Company revival of Ben Jonson’s rarely performed comedy, staged at the newly opened Swan Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, opening on 15 May 1986.  The production played in repertoire for the rest of the year and transferred to the Mermaid Theatre in London, opening on 13 April 1987 and playing in repertoire until 1st September.  Every Man in His Humour played for a total of 134 performances.

The text was a conflation by the director of Jonson’s two very different versions of 1598 and 1616 and was published as a Methuen Paperback in partnership with the RSC.  For a detailed description of this adaptation, please refer to the introduction in the published text.

Creative Team

Directed by John Caird
Designed by Sue Blane
Lighting by Wayne Dowdeswell
Sound by John Leonard & Mo Weinstock
Fights by Malcolm Ransom
Company Voice Work by Cicely Berry & David Carey
Music Director – Guy Woolfenden
Design Assistant – Jill Jowett

Stage Manager – Richard Oriel
Deputy Stage Manager – Jondon Gourkan/Chantal Hauser
Assistant Stage Manager – Sarah Myatt/Jan Bevis Hughes


Old Kno’well – Tony Church
Brainworm, his servant – David Haig
Master Stephen, his nephew – Paul Greenwood
Servant – Roger Moss
Ed Kno’well, Old Kno’well’s son Simon Russell Beale
Master Matthew – Phillip Franks
Cob, a water-carrier – David Troughton
Tib, his wife – Susie Fairfax
Captain Bobadill – Peter Postlethwaite
Thomas Kitely – Henry Goodman
Thomas Cash, his clerk – Gary Love
George Downright, brother to Wellbred – Jeremy Pearce
Dame Kitely – Jane Galloway
Bridget, Kitely’s sister – Joely Richardson
Wellbred, brother to Downright - Nathaniel Parker
Justice Clement – Raymond Bowers
Roger Formal, his clerk – Mark Lindley
Clement’s servant – Roger Moss

At the Mermaid Theatre

Old Kno’well – Stuart Richman
Bridget – Jane Lancaster

For the second half of the run at the Mermaid
Captain Bobadill – Jim Carter

Every Man in His Humour